One of the more interesting stories this weekend in the new 3 minute trailer for James Cameron's highly-anticipated epic Avatar. As you might recall, the film did receive a trailer about a month ago, but it featured hardly any dialogue as it primarily promoted the visual accomplishments of the film. The new 3 minute trailer features plenty of dialogue and also does its best to give a brief outline of the story.

The new trailer will be playing in front of Saw VI this weekend, but if you aren't interested in seeing that film -- which most of you probably are not -- then you can watch the bootleg version below.

Avatar will open on December 18th.  

EMBED-Avatar Bootleg Trailer - Watch more free videos


RC of strangeculture said...

Glad it's playing before Saw - hopefully this film get's some popular attention - and hopefully it deserves it. It seems like a fun film that adds some variety into the holiday/award season film schedule.

Danny King said...

@ RC: I agree. The advertising for Avatar hasn't been overwhelming, but with this trailer we might see things pick up in the coming weeks. I am definitely looking forward to it as a "curveball" in the middle of Awards season.

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