Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Movie Quotes of 2009: Entry #3

"Mankind has been trying to kill each other off since the beginning of time. Now, we finally have enough power to finish the job. Ain't nothin' gonna matter once those nukes start flying, we'll all be dust...And Ozymandias here will be the smartest man on the cinder." --Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Watchmen.


DEZMOND said...

my favourite quote from this movie is when Rorschach gets in jail and says "You don't understand, I'm not here stuck in with you, you are here stuck in with me!" :))

Danny King said...

@ DEZ: That is an awesome scene and Rorschach has so many terrific lines in this film. I feel like I was one of the few that really connected with this movie. I eventually went with the quote from The Comedian because I really think his cynical attitude -- to put it lightly -- did a great job of capturing just how dark the film really was.

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