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A Serious Man

Big Fan


Precious: Based on the novel 'Push' by Sapphire

The Lovely Bones

Up in the Air


julianstark said...

I am looking forward to seeing all of these films at some point... but I must say that Nine is my absolute most anticipated of the year, with Precious a close second.

I'm also really interested in (but also nervous about) The Princess and the Frog. I wonder if Disney still has that touch...

Danny King said...

@ julianstark: I was debating whether to put Nine in here or not. I am obviously excited to see the great cast, but I just think the fact that the film hasn't really been seen by many people kept it off my list. A similar factor kept Invictus off the list.

DEZMOND said...

I wouldn't go to watch ANTICHRIST if I were you. When it was released here in Europe, most people left the cinemas just 20 or 30 minutes after the movie started.
It's way too disgusting to be described.
I also vote for NINE :) and can't wait to see Mariah Carey in PRECIOUS.

Danny King said...

@ DEZ: Believe me, I am fully aware of the controversy surrounding the film and understand how repulsive certain parts in the film are. I guess that fact that Von Trier had the guts to make a film like this makes me want to experience it.

DEZMOND said...

Yes, but it's not that those parts are repulsive to watch (they are) but the fact that there is no need for all that, he puts all that in his movies because he's a bit crazy, not because it has some serious message. There's no depth, just his need to shock people. There should always be some limits.
I adore his movie DOGVILLE, it's in my all time top 10, but after that he just lost it.
Did you know that for his movie MANDERLAY he killed a donkey on the set, although the studio and the actors told him they should and must use a donkey doll or something instead. He said he wants it to look real in the film.
That's not having guts, it's not having morals and brain. A few actors left that project after that scandal.
Adult people should always take responsibility for what they do, that's why I don't like Tarantino as well.

Danny King said...

@ DEZ: It's tough to argue with some of that evidence -- he killed a goat?!

I was actually discussing the controversies of this film with some friends today and they were echoing the same things. They felt that, based on what they've read, Von Trier has compromised his storytelling and his message in an effort to "shock people" like you said, and there is a lot of truth to that.

Something that comes to mind is what Todd McCarthy of Variety said about the Coen's new film: "'A Serious Man' is the kind of picture you get to make after you've won an Oscar". I think this quote might also apply to Von Trier's situation as well. He is an established and respected filmmaker and I think that in some ways he has earned the right to do a project like Antichrist.

Keep in mind that I have no idea what kind of person the man is. I had no idea he killed a goat (!) so my opinion of the man is lowered already, but I just can't deny the anticipation surrounding this film.

DEZMOND said...

not a goat but a donkey.

I think you'll get what I mean after you see the movie.
I left the cinema after the scene in which the main actress cuts of her clitoris with rusty scissors. One of the most horrible cinematic experiences in my life.

Danny King said...

@ DEZ: I'll let you know what I think after I see it -- if I even get through it! I have heard about that scene and I can guarantee you that you are not the first. I wonder if I'll be able to handle it.

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