Musician Brad Smith, aka "Sad Brad Smith", was asked by director Jason Reitman to write an original song for the upcoming Awards contender Up in the Air, and boy did he nail it. I have not seen the film myself, but apparently the song is played over a crucial wedding sequence in the film and is something that is likely to gain Oscar attention. Head over to Entertainment Weekly to give the song a listen. It is a beautiful acoustic melody that is sure to hit home even if you haven't seen the film. 


cj said...

FYI, you can now download the song on iTunes. Brad is a super talented guy and I am so excited for him to get this opportunity.

Danny King said...

@ cj: Good to know. I was checking yesterday afternoon and I don't think it was up yet, but I'll definitely get it today. He seems very talented and I really like his style of music.

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