Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trailers for 'Invictus' and 'Green Zone'

The long-awaited trailer for Clint Eastwood's upcoming Invictus has finally debuted. The films stars Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon and at this point it looks to be right in the thick of the Oscar race. Being a huge Eastwood fan, I am looking forward to this film a great deal, but let me just say that -- like Joey Magidson at The Awards Circuit Blog -- I wasn't blown away by the trailer. As of right now, I am still going to have it near the top of my Oscar charts because the trailer doesn't show us a whole lot, but I wouldn't be surprised if the reviews aren't stellar come December. Am I wrong here? Was this the trailer you were expecting?

The next trailer that debuted today is Paul Greengrass' Green Zone. This film was pushed back to March 2010 after looking to be an Awards contender for 2009, but we finally have a trailer nonetheless. This trailer actually impressed me very much and to me it looks like it could be great entertainment. Obviously Greengrass and star Matt Damon have some terrific chemistry after working together on a couple of the Bourne films, and this film looks like its right up that alley, so I would definitely keep my eye on this one.


Univarn said...

For Invictus I wasn't impressed by Freeman's voice which sounds like Morgan Freeman doing Nelson Mandela doing Morgan Freeman so the accent comes and goes. It probably won't bother me while watching it, but I think it'll hurt his Oscar nomination chances.

As for Green Zone this trailer really makes it look like Jason Bourne goes to War! Heck, I think that's why 3 seconds into the trailer they have him say his name so that we know it isn't Bourne. Of course I'll still see it for the same reason you mentioned, Grengrass + Damon has = great action films thus far.

Danny King said...

@ Univarn: Freeman's voice did seem a little bit overdone, and was even hard to understand sometimes, but I'm more worried about the story than the performances.

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