Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Batch of Movies To Keep Your Eye On

With the Oscar season in full swing, there are those films that have been placed among the contenders, or have given away their spots, but there are also still many films that have yet to be seen by large amounts of people. Movies such as The Lovely Bones, Nine, Invictus, and Avatar are films that could potentially throw off everyone's Oscar charts if they don't end up doing as well as predicted.

There are also a couple of quiet films that could make an impact. The three performances from The Messenger -- Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson, and Samantha Morton -- are all ones that are legitimate Oscar dark horses. In addition, Jeff Bridges has come out of nowhere to look like the man to beat for Best Actor right now after the strong buzz he has received for his performance in Crazy Heart.

Even though some of the season's most anticipated films, such as Precious, A Serious Man, and An Education have all been fully discussed, there are still many films to look forward to. 

Check out some of my selections below.



Crazy Heart


The Lovely Bones

The Messenger


Sherlock Holmes


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