The majority of the cast has been officially announced for Matt Reeves' Let Me In. The film is an American remake of the Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In -- one of my favorite films from 2008. Kodi Smit-McPhee (pictured above) is set to star alongside Chloe Moretz, Richard Jenkins, Elias Koteas, Cara Buono, and Sasha Barrese. 

The 2008 film directed by Tomas Alfredson was such a brilliantly shot and acted film that the only area in which the American version has the chance to improve in is the story. Not that the Swedish story wasn't terrific, but it looks like Reeves might take the remake in a different direction. Simon Oakes, President and CEO of Hammer Films, is quoted as saying, "This project is very personal to Matt as it is to the many passionate fans of the original story. The brilliance of that story deserves to be seen by audiences on a wide scale and we are excited that the pieces are in place to make that a reality."

The film is set to be released in 2010 and while I'm not convinced this film has opportunity to improve, it's tough to ignore the talent that is involved with this remake. 


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