Peter Knegt over at indieWire has named his 50 worst Oscar snubs of the decade right here, and I think it is an article worth mentioning. If I were to name some of the worst snubs that come to my mind, The Dark Knight is front and center. Not only was it one of the best-reviewed films of 2008, but it lost out on a Best Picture nomination to a film that got mixed reviews. A film that gets mixed reviews should not be considered for a Best Picture nomination. Period.

Next up would be Bruce Springsteen's beautiful song "The Wrestler", also from 2008, which was snubbed in the Original Song category. What is so mind-boggling about this snub -- aside from the fact that it was the best original song of the year -- is that it won a Golden Globe. How can something that wins a Golden Globe not even be nominated for an Oscar in the same exact category?

The third and last one I am going to mention is David Fincher's Zodiac, which Knegt also has near the top of his list. It is Fincher's second best effort date -- just behind Se7en -- and it is one of the best serial killer movies in recent memory. Knegt specified snubs for Fincher for Best Director and Robert Downey Jr. for Best Supporting Actor. I would even extend that and say the film should have gotten a Best Picture nomination.

Those are some of my thoughts. What have been the biggest snubs of the decade in your opinion? Share your opinions below and once again, you can read Peter Knegt's full list right here.


Tom Clift said...

In 08, WALL-E and Dark Knight missing out best picture noms, and Dark Knight for a score nom. In 2000, Ellen Burstyn (Requiem for a Dream) losing to Julia Roberts (Eric Brockovich) and of course, every single movie nominated in 2005 losing to Crash

Also City of God and Downfall both deserved to win Best Foreign Film in their respective years (02 and 04)

Danny King said...

@ Tom Clift: Yeah I definitely left out The Dark Knight's score, it was brilliant. I guess I was one of the few who didn't love WALL-E, but based on the reviews it definitely deserved to be more of a contender.

I'll be seeing Requiem for a Dream very soon, perhaps this weekend.

Candice Frederick said...

the only ones i wuld agree with is Christian Bale, Woody Allen, Marlon Wayans & Jennifer Connelly, but most importantkly Volver (TOTAL snub on that one!)

Anonymous said...

From that list, I would agree most strongly with Christian Bale for American Psycho and Jennifer Connelly for Requiem for a Dream. I absolutely cannot believe they were never nominated.


- Memento for Best Picture
- The Dark Knight for Best Picture/ Best Adapted Screenplay/ Best Director
- Finding Nemo for Best Picture (Seabisquit over this?)
- Christian Bale for Best Actor in Harsh Times
- 2001: A Space Odyssey for Best Picture
- Samuel L. Jackson for Best Supporting Actor in Jungle Fever

It was nominated, but perhaps the most infamous snub alongside Saving Private Ryan is Citizen Kane for Best Picture win.

Danny King said...

@ Candice @ Anon: All good picks. If we're talking Christian Bale snubs, I would definitely include The Machinist in the conversation, he absolutely carried that film.

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