Monday, January 11, 2010

Kreativ Bloggers

Something that has jumped onto the Blogger scene over the past couple of days is the "Kreativ Blogger" award, which is simply a way to recognize blogs that you respect and follow on a daily basis. Thanks to several of my readers (linked below), I have been nominated a few times for this award, and I can't say how pleased I am that people seem to be enjoying my blog so much. 

Rather than simply a way to voice your own opinion, the world of blogging is also a method to connect with other people and share and discuss ideas, and this award is a great way to expose people to new and exciting blogs. With that in mind, let's get started with the official process.

The 7 Criteria:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award. 
  2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. 
  3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award. 
  4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting. 
  5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers. 
  6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate. 
  7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.
Let's get down to business...

1. So far, I have been nominated by a couple of people who I would like to thank. First up is Julian Stark, who is the editor of his own blog called "Movies and Other Things...". For up-to-date awards news and analysis, Julian is as reliable as anyone else, and he also manages to write full-length movie reviews and editorials as well. He's an impressive and dedicated writer that seems to be constantly looking for ways to make his website as original as possible. 

Next up is Anna Long who runs her own blog titled "Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile". I feel honored to be nominated by such an evidently passionate blogger, who somehow even manages to peak my interest in novels every now and again. Ever since she declared her love for The Dark Knight I have been a fan, but as I have become a faithful reader of her website, my admiration of her writing has only grown.

My final thank you goes out to Josh Brunsting, who created the "I Are Movies" blog, but has since moved the majority of his work over to DVD Snaphot. He's a vastly intelligent writer, one who I enjoy conversing with on Twitter just as much as I do keeping up with his latest articles. He has a unique taste for cinema, one that never fails to spark conversation and debate. 

2. Located at the top of the page. 

3. Links can be found in my response to #1. 

4. Interesting things about me:
  • I currently have four movie posters in my room: The Godfather, Requiem for a Dream, There Will Be Blood, The Dark Knight
  • The films from 2009 I drove the longest to see: Antichrist, Up in the Air
  • I currently have 381 films in my Netflix Queue.
  • Films from 2009 that I saw multiple times in theaters: Precious, Up in the Air.
  • The most times I've ever seen a single film in theaters was The Dark Knight. I believe I saw it seven or eight times, and all but one viewing was in IMAX. 
  • My favorite TV shows (past and present) are: 24, Arrested Development, Brisco County Jr., Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dexter, Fraiser, How I Met Your Mother.
  • I am a big fan of the crime genre, and I consider David Fincher's Seven to be the best serial killer movie I've seen. 
5. Now, for the 7 blogs that I would like to nominate:
  • The Dark of the Matinee: The self-proclaimed "Mad Hatter" runs this beautifully written film blog. His movie reviews are great reads, but also be sure to catch his always-insightful podcasts.
  • Encore's World of Film & TV: The thing I like best about Andrew's blog is his reflection on previous years. Not only does he consistently manage to introduce me to new films, but he is able to reignite cinematic passions when he writes about his favorites from the past. 
  • The Film Experience: This website -- written by Nathaniel Rogers and company -- is, like many great things, highly unique and original. Posting everything from Oscar news to "Kate Winslet Day," this is a blog that is just plain fun. 
  • From the Front Row: With this refined film blog, freelance critic Matthew Lucas teaches us all a little bit about quality over quantity. Every post with his name on it is worth a read, and his individual opinion is one of the most thought-provoking of any that I read on a regular basis.
  • Getafilm: Daniel Getahun writes some of the most insightful editorials you can find about the film world anywhere on the web. Reading his blog is almost a way of fine-tuning my own personal opinions. Every time I read one of his articles, I learn something new about the topic at hand.
  • Kid in the Front Row: This anonymous writer is fascinating to say the least. It's certainly good enough to be read by everyone, but aspiring (and current) writers should be obligated to read this website. This author provides brilliant, original insight into the mind of a writer. 
  • Reel Talk: Candice Frederick's vault of movie reviews and first looks is first-rate reading. She always seems to be in the middle of every great film discussion that gets brought up on Twitter.
6. Links can be found in my response to #5. 

7. Will do. 

What are some of your favorite movie blogs? 


Univarn said...

Love seeing this get passed along so well (people are doing a great job of carrying the torch on it). I def need to check out a few of the blogs you nominated as well! I have to admit I had an insanely hard time leaving yours off my top 7. You definitely have one of my favorite blogs to read. In retrospect I think it worked out alright though :).

Candice Frederick said...

thanks man! i see u started w/o my technical difficulties. thansk for the shout out!

The Mad Hatter said...

Thanks for this. It's been a tough week outside of the blogosphere so little moments of joy like this are a much needed pick-me-up.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Thanks much for this, it's always nice to know that people are not only reading but appreciating. You do deserve the award, the only reason I didn't put you on mine is because I saw you on Anna's. :)

Danny King said...

@ Univarn: Don't sweat it, I think it has all worked out for the best. With only 7 blogs to recognize, there are obviously a lot of websites I respect that were left off my 7, but it seems that most of the ones I missed were nominated by other people.

@ Candice: You're welcome! I figured either way your name would get on the post, so I just decided to write it up last night.

@ The Mad Hatter: I'm happy to help. Sorry to hear about your tough week, hopefully the difficult times will end soon.

@ Andrew: You're very welcome! Thanks for your appreciation, and one thing I considered as well while writing this was who or who hadn't been previously nominated.

filmgeek said...

What I love about blogging is when someone links a blog they love that you've never heard of and you wonder how you ever coped without it. That's why when I was nominated I attempted to nominate a bit of everything. Will check out those you've nominated

filmgeek said...

I too left you off mine cos you were recently nominated :p

Castor said...

Congratulations on the well deserved award!

Danny King said...

@ Castor: Thank you!

Matthew Lucas said...

Meant to thank you for this a while back, then probably got distracted. Anyway, thank you for the kind words! It means a lot. :-)

Danny King said...

@ Matthew Lucas: You're welcome!

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