Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nolan on the Vision of 'Inception'

Geoff Boucher over at the Los Angeles Times' "Hero Complex" blog has posted a tidbit of his interview with director Christopher Nolan. The article had a fascinating quote from Nolan that I just can't help but share with you. If this doesn't get you as jazzed for Inception as I am, then I don't know what will:

"This is the biggest challenge I’ve taken on to this point,” said Nolan, who may return to Gotham City for his next feature. “We’re trying to tell a story on a massive scale, a true blockbuster scale – the biggest I’ve ever been involved with. We tried to make a very large-scale film with ‘The Dark Knight’ and with this one we wanted to push that even further."


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

This just seems like an ideal way of pimping a movie while saying nothing. I'll admit it IS #10 on my anticipated list, but I don't get what he's trying to prove by saying it's his "biggest challenge". We're going to watch it anyway. Okay, going back to my Nolan doubting corner :)

Anonymous said...

He's not trying to "prove" anything, he's simply stating a fact. It's the biggest film and the biggest directoral challenge he's had in his career so far.

Also, Emma Thomas says that he's had this idea for 7-8 years!

Danny King said...

@ Andrew @ Anon: I would agree with Anonymous that Nolan is simply stating a fact, although something like this is sure to draw publicity. As far as Andrew's comments that "This just seems like an ideal way of pimping a movie while saying nothing," that is spot on. Nolan doesn't want people to know specifics about this film before they see it and frankly, I applaud him for that.

The fact that he's had this idea for that long (7-8 yrs) increases my confidence in the film. It reinforces for me that he didn't jump into new territory without having a solid plan.

It's a shame you're still a Nolan doubter Andrew, hopefully this one will turn you around. As of right now, I can say that The Prestige is the only film of Nolan's I can't say that I "loved."

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

So weird that The Prestige is your least favourite of his. It's my definite favourite film he's ever done. In retrospect I may have been too harsh on it with the B, definitely B+ [at least]. I just find it...enthralling...I guess.

Danny King said...

@ Andrew: The Prestige is definitely one I find interesting, but it's one that just doesn't hold up as well for me as Nolan's other films.

Anonymous said...

I;m so excited for this movie!

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