Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Best Moment Of The Awards Season

For my money, the best moment of this year's entire awards season came at Friday night's Independent Spirit Awards during Lee Daniels' (Best Director, Precious) acceptance speech. His whole monologue is worth listening to, but the moment I'm specifically referring to is when he thanks Mo'Nique. It starts about 1:27 into the video. He says her name, looks her in the eye, and all either of them can do is start tearing up. This awards show -- although sloppy at times -- is perhaps the most fulfilling because all of these people fight so hard to get their films made, and when you see a moment like this between Daniels and Mo'Nique, you realize how much of themselves they put into their movie, and how thankful they are to have worked with each other. It defines what is so special about filmmaking.

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