Leonardo DiCaprio shoots a scene for the movie Inception on the streets of Paris

ShoWest 2010, which was hosted in Las Vegas from March 15-18, provided many prestigious people within the industry the opportunity to see footage from Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Inception. The film is, of course, Nolan's follow up to the masterful The Dark Knight, and you will find it on almost every "most anticipated films of 2010" list across the web. The first two trailers have been relatively cryptic, as have the film's stars during interviews. Nolan has made a point of wanting to keep an aura of mystery around the film until its July 16 release date, but as ShoWest, he seemed glad to share some new information about the project.

Below (after the jump) is an interview with Nolan in which he discusses, among other things, the birth of the film's concept, which he claims took place about ten years ago. On paper, it might seem like rudimentary conversation, but for a film that is this widely anticipated, it is certainly something worth checking out. I also highly recommend reading Coming Soon's in-depth breakdown of the footage that was presented. 

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