Kevin Spacey has been nominated for an Academy Award twice, and on both occasions, he received well-deserved victories (The Usual Suspects and American Beauty). For me, he will always be synonymous with disturbed characters, and his brief work in this David Fincher masterpiece represents one of the great modern villains. Seven is one of the best serial killer movies I've seen, and a big reason why Spacey's character rises above cliché is because he is off screen for such a significant portion of the film. From the first murder of the obese man, we want to meet this devilish character and learn what his motives are, but Fincher never gives in. He stretches his luck as long as he possibly can, until Spacey's character finally surrenders in a scene that will send something more than mere goosebumps down your spine.

Warning: Scenes contain both foul language and blood. 

In this clip, Spacey describes the motivation and reasoning behind his grisly murders. The battle between Spacey and Brad Pitt is chillingly reminiscent of Christian Bale's interrogation of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

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