WonderCon, a yearly film convention held in the San Francisco area, recently had the immense pleasure of hosting a terrific question and answer segment with writer-director Christopher Nolan and his wife and producer Emma Thomas regarding their film Inception.

I personally watched all seventeen minutes of this Q and A and can tell you that Nolan and Thomas really discuss no specifics of the film's story, so readers worried about spoilers can feel safe watching the video. Rather, the two (specifically Nolan) continue to discuss the early origins of the storyline, and the more personal nature it has compared to Nolan's previous films.

What excited me most about the interview was the way the two talked about some of the film's performances, particularly those of supporting players Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard. Neither Nolan nor Thomas go into any detail regarding the characters that these actors portray, but the way they describe the actors and the expression on their faces suggest that we could be in store from some special work from both Cotillard and Gordon-Levitt.

Inception, of course, opens on July 16th.

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