The third trailer for Christopher Nolan's Inception, which played in front of most showings of Iron Man 2 this weekend, is a bit more by-the-numbers in terms of laying out the story's groundwork, but the breathtaking visuals and delicious set pieces make it something to relish. Zack Hemsey's custom track plays throughout, and the more pulsating moments of it will probably remind many of Robbie Robertson's work on Shutter Island.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who we have seen in all of the trailers thus far, will star as some type of expert dream thief. The trailer provides a first glimpse of many of the supporting characters played by Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and Ellen Page. It does also, by the way, feature the same tagline: "Your mind is the scene of the crime."

Inception, which opens on July 16th, should surely be on the top of everybody's must-see list. Nolan has not had a non-Batman film be a monstrous box-office hit so far; let's hope this one marks a change. Be sure to bookmark the Nolan Fans website for all of the latest Inception updates. 

Courtesy: Dailymotion


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Anonymous said...

The trailer score is by Zack Hemsey, not Hans Zimmer.

Danny King said...

@ Anon: Thanks for the correction. Sorry about that, I hadn't heard that the trailer was custom scored.

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