Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Early Look at 'Easy A'

Last Thursday, I was able to attend an advanced screening of Will Gluck's upcoming comedy Easy A. Being somewhat new to these waters, I am not sure how much I can or cannot say, so I will play it safe and save my complete thoughts for when the film opens this fall. (If anyone is aware of the official embargo "regulations" then please let me know and I'd be happy to share my thoughts.)

It stars Emma Stone (Superbad, Zombieland) as a clean-cut high school girl who has her life turned upside down when a false rumor begins to spread about her losing her virginity. Some of the more notable, and funny, co-stars include Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson as Stone's parents, Thomas Haden Church as Stone's English teacher, and Lisa Kudrow as one of the school's social workers.

Easy A will open on September 17th. Take a look at the trailer below.


Castor said...

Trailer looks decent. If you enjoyed it, you should say a couple words about it ;)

First thing I noticed was Emma Stone's character saying she was an average nobody and completely invisible at school but then they go and cast... Emma Stone. An above-average looking starlet to play an "invisible" girl. Hollywood I swear...

Danny King said...

@ Castor: You're definitely hitting on one of the film's major logical errors there, but for the sake of the film, it's one you almost have to look past immediately. For me, Stone's performance was one of the few bright spots.

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