Officially count me amongst the group of people who is watching any and every Inception clip/trailer/featurette that pops up around the web. Do I think this will compromise the experience I have at the movie theater? Simply stated, no. I remember watching each trailer for The Dark Knight multiple times, and when I finally saw the finished product on the IMAX screen, the experience was nothing like what the trailers led me to imagine it might be. I expect Christopher Nolan's Inception to end up similar form, regardless of how different the films may be in subject matter. The man behind it all is still the same.

I don't think anyone who wasn't involved in the making of the film can possibly anticipate the complexities of the film's plot; surely, no trailer or 30-second television spot can even come close. Obviously, since I have not seen the film, I am just speculating here, but at least I have laid out my logic for you. With respect to my logic, which I think is sound, my emotions play a bigger role. There is simply no film this year that I am anticipating more, and nothing in the world could keep me from relishing every new shot and line of dialogue that will be (and has been) revealed until the film's release.

With that in mind, a new character featurette (embedded below) has been released online. The characters of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, and Dileep Rao are all featured, although, rather curiously, the Ken Watanabe character is not seen. Nevertheless, this is a great two-minute piece with plenty of new moments to feed your anticipation.

There have also been several more updates to the film over the past few weeks. Links to those can be found below, courtesy of the Nolan Fans website.
Two new TV spots (numbers 9 and 10) have also popped up on YouTube, albeit in low-quality. Enjoy.


    Joel Dylan said...

    I agree with you regarding The Dark Knight's trailer. That main trailer is jaw-droppingly good, and yet it is all the more astonishing because it gave away nothing.

    I don't know why I'm so cautious when it comes to viewing Inception previews. Seeing TDK at midnight on 18 July 2008 was possibly the best moviegoing experience of my life so far, so I guess I want to be sure that I can recapture some fraction of that feeling.

    Sorry if that sounds overly dramatic, but I really do love the feeling I get after having witnessed a masterpiece.

    Castor said...

    I would be the opposite of you, avoiding every single thing about the movie until I see it in theater. In terms of anticipation, let's just say that they are through the roof and any disappointment would certainly ruin the entire year of a lot of movie-buffs lol ;)

    Danny King said...

    @ Joel Dylan: No at all dramatic, I definitely understand. I guess I just have so much confidence in Nolan and his complexities as a storyteller that I don't believe a trailer for a film of his could give anything away.

    @ Castor: It certainly would, but I doubt we'll see disappointment.

    Fitz said...

    I can't leave the room quick enough when I see tv spots for Inception. I'm not expecting it to be bad, but tv spots for TDK gave away a little too much.

    Danny King said...

    @ Fitz: Really? What did they give away?

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