Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rough Cut of My Short Film 'Empty'

I have put together a somewhat coherent version of my short film Empty. I just created a YouTube account this afternoon, and considering this is my first time uploading, the film does have a few minor technical problems. The image quality is not nearly what I would like it to be and it tends to skip a bit when the camera moves. The audio is even off in a few places. But it is still, for the most part, watchable.

I was working on a pretty tight deadline - the entire thing was shot in two days - and if I had more time to work with, I probably would have gone back and done a few shots differently. But I think there is enough here to get the basic idea of what I was going for, and hopefully you will feel the same way. 

Any and all feedback is appreciated, so please leave your comments either below or on the film's YouTube page. I would recommend not watching it in the full screen format just so the image quality remains as crisp as possible, but have at it any way you like.

Without further ado, here is Empty, starring Brady Richter and Nadia Schmidt.


Anonymous said...

you spelled "adeiu" wrong danny

Anonymous said...

hhahah love the slasher theme. Reminds me of that orphan girl in the movie The Orphan

Anonymous said...

that box was awfully big for such a little note, and she didn't ring the doorbell or knock? rude. Brady's room is really clean, good for him!

Anonymous said...

Instead of opening the film with a montage I would splice the black & white footage of them as a couple in between the shots of the guy waking up and drinking coke. The same when she opens the box and the note.

Also, the eerie score should not begin until about the time he opens the kitchen drawer.

Are you planning on doing a longer version of this?

Danny King said...

@ Anon: There were a few ways I could have gone about the cross-cutting. The way you mentioned certainly has the potential to be effective, it's just not the way I ended up doing it.

As far as the incoherence of the score, that most likely happened during the converting process. The entire audio sounds a bit off to me.

I want to start on a new project for now, but I think there is a good enough story here where I might return to it if an opportunity presents itself.

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