Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"You Ask Me for Inception"

Three more great TV spots have appeared online for Inception, courtesy of Warner Bros.' YouTube page. There are a handful of new lines in these spots, all of which will feed viewers' anticipation. The mixing up of the music is also bit refreshing, not to say that Zack Hemsey's custom track was anything short of great. Be sure to keep checking the Nolan Fans website for the most up-to-date developments in anticipation of the film's July 16th release.


Fitz said...

Can't say I'll be watching anything more on Inception than I've already seen. Can't risk overexposing myself and blowing the experience.

John O'Neil said...

I wish I had your discipline, Fitz. I find it hard NOT to splurge on all the pre-release goodies, when there are so few films I'm looking forward to this summer.

Danny King said...

@ John O'Neil: I'm with you as well. I've seen each trailer and TV spot dozens of times.

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