Sunday, July 18, 2010

'Inception's' Oscar Chances

Since (I'm assuming) most of us have seen Inception by now, I thought it would be appropriate to delve into some preliminary Oscar discussion, particularly because I find Inception's Oscar chances - in the main categories - very difficult to predict. While the reviews have been mostly positive, there are several notable naysayers, which could hurt its cause. However, I feel that the critical reception has been good enough to put the film in Oscar contention, and I think a Best Picture nomination is likely.

Obviously Inception should have a field day getting several tech nominations, but as of right now, I don't see any acting nods in store, and I see some trouble in the fields where The Dark Knight was snubbed. I think a snub in the Original Screenplay category would be a real travesty, so I'm pretty confident it should get in there. After all, it is one of the most original and challenging ideas to come to fruition in years.

The Best Director category has me the most concerned. Most signs point to a relatively safe nomination for Christopher Nolan, but I am less convinced. It is more of a gut feeling at this point because there are still so many films yet to be released, but I think that Nolan will be on the fence for the majority of the Awards campaign. I am hopeful, and optimistic in some cases, but still not ready to call any of the three main categories a lock at this point.

Do you think Inception's chances are higher? Could DiCaprio sneak in? Have your say below.


Candice Frederick said...

les hope his won't be another Dark Night shut out

Teddy said...

Yea, I'm not sure about acting nominations either. Possibly Marion in a supporting female role.

Screenplay seems fairly safe, as well as directing. And with 10 Best Picture nominations, one of those is a safe best as well.

Sound, Editing, Cinematography, VFX all have great chances at /winning/ imo. Music has a shot at nomination - despite me thinking it's the movie's largest let down.

The biggest problem The Dark Knight had was it was a super hero sequel from a franchise with a looong history. Inception, obviously, doesn't share that baggage.

Simon said...

Nolan has still got brownie points for The Dark Knight snub, and with thee expanded nominees, I wouldn't dismiss a Best Piccture nomination. DiCaprio is kind of a long shot, though.

Julian Stark said...

Picture and Director: Picture is a safe bet; I'd argue that Nolan could win Director, even though I'm not fully convinced that it will happen (current prediction though).

Original Screenplay: It'd be an odd race if it got snubbed here. However, the win is virtually out of reach.

Acting: Mainly for a lack of true contenders, I'm currently predicting DiCaprio to win Actor (even though, in the end, I don't think it'll happen). Cotillard should be safe for a supporting nomination, and I really hope that Ellen Page can somehow get some individual recognition for her work. Maybe not an Oscar nomination, but at least a nod from the Hollywood Foreign Press or an organization of similar importance.

None of the supporting men really stand a chance unless the Academy goes completely gaga for the film (in other words, if it's the Picture front-runner), which I don't think they will.

Techs: It's probably the front-runner to win Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Visual Effects. It will also probably pick up nominations for Art Direction and Score.

Julian Stark said...

EDIT: The film is a safe bet for a Picture nomination. The win, not so much. Sorry if that wasn't clear

Danny King said...

@ Teddy: I was a little surprised you didn't take a liking to Zimmer's score the way most people did, but I think he still has a strong shot at a nomination here. I, for one, think it's a great score.

@ Simon: I wonder how strongly those brownie points will hold over.

@ Julian Stark: No worries, your thoughts are very clear. At this point, I don't have as much confidence in the acting categories as you do, but perhaps I haven't looked at the competition enough yet. It's difficult to be discussing competition this early.

Teddy said...

The most important cue in the entire score (the end cue, titled Time) is a lazy effort from Zimmer in my opinion. You can easily substitute it out for his cue Journey to the Line from The Thin Red line and it would be just as effective - and nobody would notice the difference.

It's been 13 years since he wrote that piece, and the best he can do is add Johnny Marr and brass that's been digitally manipulated to sound fake? C'mon Zimmer. If this film tanked, he would have no shot at a nomination. The only reason it gets a nom is because of the film - and that's not how the score nomination process should work. It should be based on the music and how it works in the film.

Danny King said...

@ Teddy: I was very moved by "Time," and I found Marr's guitar bit to be very effective. But I do agree with your last point. "The Last Airbender's" score, which has a good shot at a nomination, is a good example of what you are saying.

David Glaze said...

I to was very moved by "Time", I personally thought it was really fitting and captured the ending. I don't really think that any nominations for actors and actresses will come from this films, but I think there are sure nominations for best picture, script, Sound, Editing, Cinematography, along with best Score

David Glaze said...

Although i do think that Leonardo DiCaprio is due for a win soon.

Inception said...

In regards to your review, i don't remember if DiCaprio has ever won an Oscar (except for titanic) and if so, he should get one now

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